Conference Theme 2018


Storytelling has been at the heart of cultures and civilizations. Being the foundation of our memories and imagination, it serves as a crucial link between the past and the future. Storytelling has assumed various forms- fables, fairy tales, legends, bed-time stories and grandmothers’ collections. Not to mention the world of comics, cartoons, caricatures, graphic novels and numerous other forms. Stories have helped shape notions and nations. They remain the soul of cinema. Storytelling also provides a compelling leitmotif in classrooms and corporate boardrooms.

There’s a new story that is emerging in the world of media and communication with a legion of storytellers out there, each one, powerful, captivating and vying for attention. The world is so fascinating and its events overlapping that it cannot be reduced to a single story or perspective. The stories that revolve around our daily lives, from advertising to branding, music to mobile filmmaking, podcasting to pedagogy serve as a source of inspiration, epiphany, fantasy and a reflection of the different eras.

This year’s conference aims to explore new and novel ways of storytelling that are emerging in the world of media and communication at large. We strongly believe your participation will contribute to the plurality of narratives and celebrate multitude forms of storytelling. And most importantly, unveil stories that have never been told.

What’s your story?
If your topic of research falls under any of the streams mentioned below and fits within the grand scheme of the conference, please have a look at the criteria and guidelines to submit your abstract.


  • Arts & Performance
  • Cinema
  • Gaming
  • News & Journalism
  • Photography
  • Podcasting
  • Public Relations/Branding/Advertising
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Streaming
  • Teaching/Pedagogy
  • Technology
  • Television

We look forward to your support and active participation.