Manipal International Media Research Conference, 2018 welcomes quality paper submissions from international communities, including student researchers from Universities, Industries, Government entities, and standardization bodies.

Please submit your abstract and/or research paper to Kindly refer to the ‘Important Dates’ and ‘Guidelines for submission’ below prior to submission


Manipal International Media Research Conference: April 10, 2018

Extended date for submission of abstract: March 31, 2018
Last date for full paper submission: March 31, 2018
Early Bird registration: April 2, 2018
Registration deadline: April 8, 2018

For registration and payment, click here


Authors must follow the guidelines mentioned below for the submission of their abstracts and the full research paper and submit them before the respective deadlines mentioned above.
Full papers are expected by March 31, 2018.
All submissions will undergo a blind review. The authors will be notified within a week of their submission. The selected abstracts will be a part of the seminar proceedings to be published on the official Media Conference website


The authors must submit their abstract and full research paper in adherence to the format and guidelines mentioned below:

Format for Abstract Submission

  1. Indicate “Abstract Submission” in the subject line of your email
  2. Email should contain the following:
    • Stream under the Conference Theme to which it belongs

    • Title of the paper
    • Author’s name, designation, and educational institution
    • Short biography of the Author (100 words)
    • Paper Abstract (150-200 words)

Format for Research Paper Submission

Research papers should be academically rigorous (e.g. theoretically and methodologically sound, thoroughly researched and referenced). Selected papers will appear in the Online Seminar proceedings that will be publicly accessible. Please ensure the write-up is clear by using academic language. Kindly note that SOMC, MAHE Dubai reserves the right to edit your work.

Here are the technical specs for the Final Paper:

  1. The full paper should be a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Re‐submit title of the paper and an abstract of 150‐200 words on the first page.
  3. The body of the paper should be double‐spaced, justified.
  4. Quotations should be in “double quotation marks” (not ‘single’) and paragraphs of cited text longer than 20 words should be indented.
  5. Please number all pages of your manuscript in the top right header.
  6. Word count: 3000 to 5000 words.
  7. Referencing: Papers must be referenced in the APA style. Information on the APA style can be found at or at

Disclaimer: Successfully refereed articles will be published online. It is the authorsʹ responsibility to ensure that articles and accompanying materials submitted for this conference are accurate, and are not offensive, defamatory, or otherwise injurious to any person or organization before submission. Authors should ensure that all ideas and work not their own are fully referenced. Authors are also responsible for ensuring that articles and accompanying charts, graphs, photographs, illustrations, trade literature, data, etc., are free of copyright or ownership restrictions and may be published online without encumbrance. SOMC will take no responsibility and accept no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, impact, or consequences of an article published in the conference proceedings, whether referred or not. Articles reflect the authors’ opinions, not those of the conference, the proceedings, publisher, or its staff.



Criteria to be used to evaluate abstracts include the following:

  • Relevance of the topic to the conference theme
  • Well-defined topics /issue(s) to be examined and discussed
  • Originality and innovativeness of topic
  • Adherence to solid research design and methodology (for research-based papers)
  • Limitations identified (for research-based papers)
  • Good language and writing quality and logical organization of the paper
  • Potential contributions to the advancement of communication theory, research and practice

Full Papers

Criteria to be used to evaluate abstracts full papers include the following:

  • Extensive and appropriate literature review
  • Good writing quality, e.g., style is clear and engaging
  • Logical organization of the paper
  • In-depth and evidence-based analysis and conclusions
  • Concrete recommendations for research, policy, and action projects


Virtual presentations provide an opportunity for publication of your abstract without attending the conference. Presenters opting for virtual presentations are requested to submit their abstracts before the relevant deadline
If your abstract has been selected for Virtual Presentation – Submit your full paper and/or PowerPoint presentation before the deadline.

Last date for abstract submission: March 31, 2018
Last date for full paper and Powerpoint presentation submission: March 31, 2018

Authors are required to submit the Abstracts and full paper in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above. Submit to If your abstract has been selected, please proceed with the Registration process here.

We look forward to your support and active participation.


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